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What Are The Benefits Of Combining Email And Video Marketing?

Email marketing and video marketing New Jersey are both stand-alone strategies that work, but combining them will make the results even better. Including video in email campaigns can increase engagement, tell deeper stories, and also increase conversions. The following are some of the greatest benefits of uniting these mediums together.

Increased open rates
One of the most important pros of using video in emails is better open rates. A video thumbnail is an eye-catching visual element that lures viewers into clicking on the video. Videos engage and satisfy our senses too. This can result in subscribers staying on the email sequence longer, which guarantees that they will see the whole experience. In short, the more openings you have, the more eyes your brand messaging and offerings will attract.

Better storytelling capabilities
Email’s strengths are brevity, clear messaging, and actionability. But video enables you to tell stories in deeper, more meaningful ways. Within your emails, you can incorporate company culture videos, behind-the-scenes footage, employee interviews, event recaps, and more. Video brings your brand personality to life through motion and sound. Stories resonate most when people can see and hear them.

Greater personalization
Videos in emails allow for personalization at scale. You can include the subscriber’s name, location-specific information, and other details when filming video content. This level of personalization makes subscribers feel recognized as individuals. Personalized videos in mobile marketing NJ also help segment audiences so messaging speaks directly to their needs and interests.

Versatility of content
The applications of email video content are endless. You can include explainer videos breaking down complex products, fun brand videos that grab attention, educational videos that showcase your authority, step-by-step tutorials, customer testimonials, webinar recordings, and much more. Whatever story you want to tell, video lets you show it creatively.

Better conversions
Ultimately, combining email and video marketing fuels business growth. Video’s ability to engage viewers, tell rich stories, and compel action can increase conversion rates exponentially. For example, you can include promotional videos, demo videos, or coupon videos that motivate purchases. Or, you can record webinars with your sales team and distribute them via email nurturing campaigns. The applications are vast for driving conversions.

With thoughtful video integration, your email efforts will capture more attention and drive better results across all KPIs. Video allows you to connect with and persuade subscribers in entirely new ways. Leverage these multimedia capabilities of the email marketing NJ to get the most out of your email marketing.

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